Follow these "Best Practices" for hassle-free graphic installation

1. USE THE TEMPLATE:  To ensure your graphic is the proper height and width, download the templates from this website for your specific hardware.

2. CHOOSE YOUR MEDIA:  Most retractable stands are designed to handle up to 15 mils (total thickness including lamination).  To reduce strain on your spring cassette and to ensure full retraction, we recommend not exceeding 12 mils.

3. REINFORCE THE CONNECTION: Use tape to reinforce the connections between the bottom of your graphic and the adhesive leader film or interchangeable drum (depending on the model).

4. SECURE THE CLAMP:  After closing the top clamp by hand, we recommend gently using a non-marring rubber mallet to ensure your clamp is completely closed.

5. ENLIST SOME HELP:  Four hands are better than two when engaging the spring and lowering the graphic in to the base.